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Looking for embroidery on workwear & uniforms? Then look no further! We provide embroidery across a range of garments such as hoodies, t shirts, crew neck t shirts, jackets and much more. We specialise in workwear so tend to provide embroidery services on staff clothing, custom work bundles and uniforms but also provide embroidery across a range of personalised items such as towels, dressing gowns & bags which are mainly used for gifts.


In addition to the embroidery services, we offer we also provide printing services so if you’re searching for a printer to provide promotional clothing, gifts or printed workwear then look no further!


How many colours can I have embroidered on one design?

Our maximum is 10 colours per design, but we may be able to provide more depending on the design / complexity of the logo. For really complex designs often embroidery isn’t always the best print method so for certain logos & designs we may suggest an alternative such as full colour print. Our print team has a wealth of experience so will always recommend suggestions on your design and will try to match the best print method available to ensure the best finished results.

What is logo digitisation?

Logo digitisation for embroidery is basically to have t have your logo set up into a format that our machines can read. Usually, logos once designed are provided in file types such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, Vector etc which look great on screen when viewing on a phone / computer etc but unfortunately embroidery machines cannot read these, instead they need a stitch type file that breaks down all of your design into individual stitches.


Digitisation basically means turning your digitally designed logo into one that’s broken down into stitches (see image below).

Can you digitise my logo and how much does it cost?

We take care of all digitising in house; we don’t tend to use other ones provided to us say if a customer is coming to us from another company and already has a pre digitised design as we’re really particular about the digitisation process and make sure the logo that’s been sent to us is as near to the original as possible once digitised.


There are so many companies offering really cheap rates for digitisation however once they’re stitched onto fabric, they don’t look neat and tidy, the edges can be rough, the stitch pattern isn’t correct, and the overall finish is poor. What we will do is test a logo you may already have, if the quality isn’t up to scratch then we’ll let you know and provide you with a quote for re digitising your design, if however, we’re happy with the quality then at this point we’ll let you know we’re happy to use it.


We take pride in the digitisation process and always ensure it looks the best it possible can be. We’ll also make recommendations to you which may include increasing certain parts of the design, removing some really complex bits or switching colours our (for example if your logo has black sections in but you’re looking for black t shirts, we’ll recommend another colour to ensure once the design is stitched it stands out).


Our digitisation prices are £6.95 for a standard size chest logo £12.95 for a large back, or £14.95 for a large back and a chest size logo which is the same design but just required in 2 sizes (i.e., 10cm wide on the front and 22cm wide on the back).


These are the standard prices but may vary depending on the complexity of your design and the level of detail. The best way we can compare as to why the prices vary is if you’re looking for a brick wall to be built by a builder and it’s a standard brick bond wall with 400 bricks then they would provide you with a quote for this. If however your wall actually contain 700 bricks and you require a unique bond then this will undoubtedly change the quote.


The same can be said for logo digitisation, if your design is a normal logo with 5000 stitches it would be a standard price. If however your logo is really detailed or contains things like solid fill box / circle backgrounds which would need perhaps double the amount of stitches to infill the design then the price would be slightly higher.

How do you embroider designs?

We embroidery the designs by first taking your logo and digitising it. Then we’ll embroider the design onto your selected garments in the location that you’ve requested. We use commercial grade multi head embroidery machines which are capable of embroidering up to 1500 stitches per minute. We update our machinery regularly so we’re always up to date with the latest industry standards and are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to delivering high quality finishes.

Do you supply the garments / items as well as the embroidery?

We do, we stock a huge range of items including polos, hoodies, soft shell jackets, jumpers, trousers, tabards and aprons. Whatever workwear ranges you’re searching for you can be sure we’ll stock it; we also provide a full range of hi vis and safety wear so are used to providing garments for rail workers / warehouse operatives.

We also stock a range of bags, towels and other promotional items. So, whether you’re looking for robes and hand towels for your local chain of hotels, bags for your local sports team or personalised golf towels for a society day, we can provide all the garments you need.

Do you provide just embroidery services?

We don’t tend to as we’ve done this in the past and ended up where customers have provided us with inferior products such as thin t shirts which aren’t ideal for embroidering on.

We now only provide embroidery services on products we stock as we know the quality will be good enough and the finished result will be one our customers are happy with. On occasions we may embroider onto garments provided to us however we’ll need to check the quality first.

Do you have a minimum quantity?

For ordering garments and embroidery from us, i.e., work polos with your company logo then we don’t have any minimum order quantities. If, however you’re looking to provide us with the garments then our minimum for this is 20 items.

It’s always worth checking with us first if you’re interested in our embroidery services as we have access to all the major manufactures in the UK so will tend to get the garments at a slightly better rate than you could source.

Often, we have customers purchase say 50 jackets from another supplier at a rate of £26.95 then will look to outsource the embroidery to us. For embroidery only it’s always slightly higher than if you were to have the embroidery provided together with the garments so typically on an order like this, we may charge £3.99 per logo for a company name to be embroidered on the left chest.

This would make the total £30.94, whereas a company looking to order the exact same softshell jackets through us with their company logo embroidered on the left chest, typically it would be around £24.95 so this means they’d have saved £299 by coming directly to us.

This is only an example, but it will hopefully give you an idea when weighing up the options.

You can shop our catalogue online here or contact us today to let us know your requirements so a member of the team can provide you with a quote. 
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Embroidered garments are ideal for giving your workforce a strong identity and help to keep your brands workwear consistent and looking strong. We provide a wide range of garments including soft shells, jackets, fleece, hoodies, polo's, trousers and much more

What we provide

Flexibility: We have no minimum or maximum order size. You can order as many or as few items as you need.

Choice: You can have up to 10 colours in every design. (more colours may be possible but we'd need to see a copy of the design / logo first)

Quality: We only work with quality brands and can tailor each package to fit within your budget

Service: We aim to provide a quality service to new and existing customers each time you place an order with us. Our team always goes the extra mile to help out and make the process of ordering an quick and hassle free as possible

Detail: We only use Madeira threads and reputable digitising services, this ensures your designs are unbeatable for holding colour, strength and durability whilst providing incredible detail

***If your embroidery order exceeds a 25,000 stitch count additional costs will be incurred, which may also extend delivery estimates.  

Embroidered Workwear, Clothing & Uniforms

Looking for quality work wear to showcase your brand at an affordable cost? Based in Rugby, Warwickshire we Specialise in providing printing and embroidery services that delivers both. From construction and manufacturing to the corporate sector and events, we stock over 3000 products including brands such as Regatta, Dickies, Snickers and RTX Pro in order to provide quality products and a reliable service


Crafty Print is renowned as a top UK embroidered workwear specialist and offers outstanding customer service and bundle deals on both single and bulk orders. Our range of customised workwear includes brands & products such as Dickies, Pro RTX, Snickers and Regatta. We provide ranges for men's and women's workwear and all of our garments can be personalised to your companies requirements in order to create personalised workwear specific to your individual needs.

Investing in high-quality embroidered workwear for your staff can create a real sense of professionalism and purpose amongst your work force.

We can manufacture embroidered or printed workwear to your exact specifications including t shirts and hoodies to protective safety wear, hi-visibility jackets and more.


Embroidery services work best with heavier clothing such as polo shirts, fleeces, jackets and uniforms, as the fabric used for these kinds of is better suited to raised stitching. Printed workwear is a more affordable choice for those with larger-scale designs and is usually best suited to lightweight garments.

When it comes to custom work wear, it's easy to get carried away by your ideas, but less is often more! As a professional promotional clothing company, our in house print team can help you design logo workwear that's simple but effective. We'll help you choose where you place your images on your branded clothing and will be sure to avoid over populating the fabric with text that's too small and busy images which maintains quality.

Once you receive a copy of your print proof and have approved the design we then start the printing process. Workwear printing is fairly intricate, regardless of whether you opt for printed or embroidered workwear, and even the simplest embroidered logo ideas can require a great deal of attention to detail. To produce the best finish possible, we'll first look to digitise your design so that it is correctly formatted. Once this has been achieved, our state of the art embroidery machines will replicate the design straight onto the item of work clothing based on exact measurements and dimensions.

Our team are always on hand to discuss any aspect of our workwear printing options that may be of interest to you, particularly if you're working to a tight budget. We want to make sure that your company maximises it's profits from our personalised embroidered workwear service and returns to us for repeat orders. We also provide discounts on the bigger larger orders and repeat orders.

Custom Workwear

Our wide range of custom workwear options offer companies a great choice of colours, designs and options to suit their uniform and logo requirements. Uniforms project a united force and are a great identifier for your employees. Overall, investing in custom workwear can make all the difference to your company.

Workwear needs to stand the test of time and suit the demands of the workplace, which is why our custom workwear is quality made and designed to stand the test of time. We take the very best care of our embroidery and printing, ensuring the end product looks professional and impressive.

Whether it's a Hi Vis vest with logo or any other kind of personalised workwear, it's about more than health & safety.

When all your people are wearing the same smart, practical, purpose-made workwear, your company looks even more professional. There's more - a simple personalised hi vis vest or one of our personalised high vis jackets are advertising opportunities, promoting your company wherever your people go.

Because we insist on only stocking the best quality brands, you get workwear that lasts and lasts. Our best selling workwear brands include Pro RTX, Dickes, Regatta and Snickers.

If you want your items personalised with embroidery or print – or both - and you're not sure which is your best choice, our print team can help you with that. Once we receive a copy of your logo, we'll convert the the design into an artwork format that's created just for print oe embroidery.

If you'd like a quote, all you do is contact us direct with the clothing you need together with a copy of your logo and the colours and sizes you require. We'll then match you with the best garments available from our stockist and provide you with a free quote.

Alternatively you can shop online, using our sophisticated online software you'll be able to view our entire catalogue online, add the garments you'd like to your basket whilst receiving real time product prices and stock availability. You'll also have the added bonus of being able to upload your logo at the checkout stage, select a location to be embroidered or printed and select your preferred print method.

Providing quality products that includes garments for all work industries including office wear, safety wear and corporate clothing, we offer a reliable service that provides fast turnaround times with no minimum order or maximum order size. Get in touch today to discuss your printed or embroidered garment needs and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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