Crafty Print provides print and embroidery services within Coventry and the surrounding areas. We specialise in workwear but provide print and embroidery across a wide range of garments that delivers both quality and affordability.


Embroidered workwear is ideal for giving your workforce a strong identity and helps your team maintain a professional image. We provide a wide range of durable, quality workwear including printed soft-shell jackets, fleece, hoodies, embroidered polo's, work trousers trousers and much more.


All of our garments are available to purchase blank or with added customisation. We've provided workwear to businesses both large and small within the Coventry area and promotional clothing for events and companies visiting exhibition venues such as the Ricoh Arena.

Our team of experts can provide you with work wear that's tailored to your requirements, from hard wearing garments for the construction industry, to more relaxed fashion fit garments for agency's and retailers, whether it be printed or embroidered clothing we'll help to locate the best style of clothing and provide advice when it comes to deciding which garment decoration to choose from.

If you choose to use our services we provide:

There's no minimum order or maximum order size (unless you're selecting a screen printed finish). For lower print runs such as embroidery and transfer print you can order as many or as few garments as you require.

You can have multi coloured designs that provide high detail. From neon bright colours to, whites, oranges and vibrant reds, we can colour match to meet your requirements.


We only work with quality brands that are designed to last. We tailor each package to fit within your budget which is why we're an ideal supplier to work with regardless of your companies size.

We aim to provide fast turnaround and a quality service to new and existing customers each time you place an order with us. Our team always goes the extra mile to help out and make the process of ordering an quick and hassle free as possible

We only use Madeira threads and reputable digitising services, this ensures your designs are unbeatable for holding colour, strength and durability whilst providing incredible detail that's designed to last.

You can shop our catalogue online here or contact us today to let us know your requirements on 07563238245 or fill out the form below with your requirements and a member of the team will provide you with a quote.
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Printing or embroidery, which is best?

If you're struggling to decide whether to opt for a print logo or embroidered logo on your personalised workwear then we've created this quick guide for you to view in order to help you achieve a better understanding of what each method entails.


Printed clothing is often the preferred choice for advertising or promotional uses. This is because it provides a low cost per garment and can handle complicated artwork better than embroidery can. It provides sharp, fine detail and works well with larger designs and as it can handle bright colours better. Printing tends to stand a lot more than embroidery, which is why it's is used so often in advertising. Printing is well suited for T Shirt graphics, and provides a clean and sharp finish when carried out correctly. Some people prefer printing to embroidery on lighter weight garments such as T Shirts due to the weight of embroidery which can end up puckering the fabric. Printed garments are often bought in bulk and provide great value for money. Hand drawn or complicated designs are better suited to printing rather than embroidery.


Embroidery is best for creating logos on a thicker embroidered garments, such as a heavier weight polo shirts or jumpers. Embroidery patterns on garments are long lasting and durable, we only use Madeira threads as they provide sharp colour and fantastic durability. Embroidery may cost more than traditional printing, however the longevity makes it cost effective. With larger designs, we would recommend printing over embroidery as often the weight of all the stitches in a large design can be slightly uncomfortable to wear if you have sensitive skin and the high stitch count can often pucker the fabric.  Not all designs are suitable for embroidery and therefore you should take this into consideration. When it comes to embroidery, simple is best, shading and certain half tone effects where one colour blends into another is only available in digital prints. Trying to add too much colour and detail into an embroidery design can often provide a poor finish which doesn't represent your design in the way you'd like. One of the benefits with embroidery is that it can be washed at higher temperatures and tumble dried whereas with printed garments we recommend washing at lower temperatures and to not tumble dry. 

Typical uses of T Shirt printing

T Shirt printing is ideal for promotional events, exhibitions, charity events or occasions such as stag / hen parties. They are a great way to help people identify your cause or organisation. Personalised T Shirt printing is low cost so it is often bought in bulk. T-shirt printing is popular with businesses, charities and consumers alike. It is also commonly used for holidays and for team wear. T-shirt print tends to be larger, brighter and more ‘in your face’. The objective of the T Shirt is to get peoples heads turning and focused on the cause or organisation listed on the T Shirt. Printing allows for more complicated designs when compared to embroidery. 

Typical uses of Embroidery

Embroidery requires a high quality and thicker garment, such as a hoodie, polo or sweatshirt. This is because thinner garments tend to pucker and pull the fabric due to the weight of the stitches in the finished design. Embroidery works best for logos or smaller designs. Many businesses choose embroidery in their uniforms as embroidery provides durability and tends to out live the garment. Embroidery looks professional and gives the garment a more solid feel. Embroidery is long lasting and will not fade in the wash. For this reason, some argue that embroidery is a lot more cost effective than printing. Embroidery should be used on uniforms and garments that are designed to be long lasting.  Embroidered polos, hoodies and work trousers are our best selling garments, we supply thousands each year to companies looking for new workwear and staff uniforms. 

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