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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Why your workforce should be wearing printed or embroidered uniforms

If you're looking to order some printed or embroidered workwear or uniforms for your staff, then it can help to both promote your company and maintain a professional image for your brand. Crafty Print can help to fulfil your personalised workwear needs.

We spoke to a number of our customers and asked why they chose to opt for printed workwear rather than order plain garments and they gave us the following answers

It helps to build trust with the customer, ''once they see our staff wearing printed uniforms it helps build confidence that we are a legitimate company who are proud to show off our brands image and name''

''It keeps the entire workforce looking the same, the workforce feels a sense of ownership when wearing their staff uniform and in turn buy into the ethics of the company when they're carrying out their work in the public eye''

''It helps in terms of advertisement to get the business noticed. Many of our customers carry out a large amount of their work within their local communities, it helps create brand awareness when potential customers see their brand 's logos, services and company’s messages printed onto the clothing of their workforce ''

''It ensures our staff are all dressed in smart appropriate clothing that represents our brand. If we provide the clothing for our staff it keeps them all looking smart and tidy. It also creates a sense of equality throughout the workforce as all members of our team are dressed the same''

It's clear to see the benefits are there when it comes to ordering printed or embroidered workwear for your staff. From free advertisement due to your brand being noticed in a variety of places that your employees visit to maintaining a professional image throughout your workforce, work uniforms can help to promote brand awareness and attract potential new customers to your business.

Crafty Print provides print and embroidery services for a number of work wear sectors including construction, maintenance and repair industries to events and the corporate sector. The work clothing, we provide offers high quality at affordable prices.

A recent embroidered workwear order completed by the Crafty Print team

Using state of the art equipment including multi head embroidery machines and heat press equipment to direct to garment printers and screen print carousels, we have the facilities to provide the prints and logos you require across a range of garments. From simple text based embroidered logos to high quality multi-colour printed promotional clothing including hoodies, polo shirts and printed t-shirts, we can provide the personalised clothing you're searching for.

Customer service is at the heart of our business, we've established great working relationships with our customers and have worked with certain businesses from the start-up phase right through to them becoming large established companies.

Whether you're a start-up brand looking to place your first order and need help with logo creation or printing advise, or a large business looking for a new supplier to provide quality workwear at an affordable price, the team at Crafty Print will have you covered.

When you decide to use our services, we'll work with you to provide

Flexibility: We have no minimum or maximum order size. You can order as many or as few items as you need​

Choice: You can have up to 15 colours in every design.

Quality: We only work with quality brands and can tailor each package to fit within your budget

Service: We aim to provide a quality service to new and existing customers each time you place an order with us. Our team always goes the extra mile to help out and make the process of ordering an quick and hassle free as possible

​Contact us today for your embroidered or printed needs and find out how we can help.

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