How to care for embroidered clothing for longer lasting results

A guide to caring for, washing and drying embroidered clothing.


In this guide we will provide you with information regarding how to care for your embroidered clothing in order to achieve long lasting results and an embroidery that continues to look as good as the first day it was stitched onto the garment.

From washing and ironing to folding and storing we will give you some useful hints and tips to ensure the embroidery on the clothing item outlast the item itself

The Don'ts of Washing Embroidered Clothing

When washing an embroidered item of clothing there a few things to be aware of. Undo any buttons and close any zips on the garment, this will ensure the shape is maintained during the wash.

You may also want to check the pockets for any sharp items that could damage your clothing and the embroidery during the wash cycle (money and credit cards also don’t react well to going around in a washing machine for an hour or so).Embroidery thread is best washed at 30 degrees and is guaranteed not to fade or distort if washed at this temperature.

Another area of good practice when washing embroidered clothing is to wash the item inside out. This will protect the embroidery and increase its longevity.Don’t dry clean a garment that has been embroidered. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that will affect the embroidery thread.Finally, wash your garment before its first wear. This will remove any marks from the embroidery frame.

Secondly, we will look at drying your embroidered clothing item

Ideally a garment that has been embroidered is best dried by lying on a flat surface. This is not always possible so hanging it on a clothes rack will be fine. Try not to leave in a damp or wet environment before your garment is fully dried. This is not only bad for the embroidery but also the garment itself. Never tumble dry a garment that has embroidery on it as the thread is not designed to be tumble dried and will not react well to this form of drying.

Thirdly, we will look at how best to iron your embroidered clothing item

All embroidered garments should be ironed inside out on the reverse of any embroidered logo. You should never iron directly over the embroidery itself as the high temperatures from the iron may damage the thread and therefore the logo.

Finally, storing and folding

To protect the embroidered logo on your clothing hang it up in your wardrobe. If you need to fold the item to place in a drawer or suitcase avoid folding along the embroidered logo or text so as not to stretch the thread.

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