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Updated: Apr 7

As hard as we try not to, we tend to often judge others based on what they wear. Regardless of the individual’s professional occupation we immediately come to a snap decision based on the first impression we receive from them. Consciously choosing professional workwear invites confidence, and confidence means better business.

By providing your workforce with a printed or embroidered uniform which includes your company’s logo, it can help to create a sense of unity by ensuring each team member looks the same.

We only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Although body language, tone and attitude are all important, the visual – our clothes – is a factor with greater impact than we like to admit.

“Properly dressed employees signal professionalism and pride. Characteristics that invite more confidence and so generate more and helps to create a healthier workplace and to build a better business

Professional workwear is a conscious and strategic choice for many companies. It strengthens the company’s identity and signals quality. However, it is also an important factor in promoting team spirit among employees. Cohesion within the team is vital to developing strength and achieving success.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why providing your workforce with custom printed or embroidered uniforms can help to promote your business:


Work uniforms have the capacity to eliminate social barriers and remove the evaluation of employees based on their outward appearances and places the focus on their performance instead. This helps in levelling the playing field for all your employees and prevents them from feeling more or less than the other members of the team. Moreover, implementing custom work uniforms eliminates the need of employees to purchase work clothing which can ultimately reduce financial stress, leading to even higher levels of performance.


When people wear the same type of clothes, it significantly enhances the resemblance between the team members and helps each and every one of them subliminally develop team player talents. Employees who are wearing personalised work clothing tend to build and develop rapport, as well as stronger relationships much easier with those around them including both team members and clients alike. This also helps them have a heightened sense of pride in your company.


Your employees are provided with a complemented sense of responsibility when they have your company’s name and logo on their office uniforms. Because it’s visible to the public what company the employee works for, it results in more accountability, thus doing their jobs more efficiently and diligently are further beneficial by-products.

Professional Image

Customised work wear creates a positive perception and an enhanced sense of professionalism. This means that having to wear a uniform allows for the brain to differentiate more easily a ‘work’ and a ‘non-work’ state. Employees who project a higher level of pride in the work they do results in clients thinking more highly of your company and brand as well.


If you choose to not implement a workplace uniform, a dress code must be carried out instead. This option leads to your employees not only to hesitate whether they should follow through but also to consume more time deciding what to wear. The time spent on this kind of decision making will be reduced ultimately should you choose to go with custom work uniform.

The team at Crafty Print are experienced in providing workwear to a number of companies both large and small. The benefits are clear to see when weighing up whether or not to opt for custom printed workwear and it’s a decision you should be seriously considering.

If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable supplier to work with then contact a us today to discuss your requirements and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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