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Based in Rugby, Warwickshire the team at Crafty Print specialise in t-shirt printing. Whether you're looking for team t-shirts for an upcoming event, personalised charity t-shirts for a promotion or printed t-shirts for a local club / group, we can provide the garments you're searching for.

We supply custom t-shirt printing to a number of companies and consumers both local and national. With a wide range of different printing methods available such as direct to garment and transfer print and a stock range of over 600 high quality t-shirts including crew neck t-shirts and polo shirts, we can supply the eye catching the customised printed t-shirts that you need at an affordable cost.

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Methods of t-shirt printing we use :

Transfer T-Shirt Printing :

Heat transfer vinyl printing (or HTV for short) is a specialty vinyl that can be used on all fabrics and materials to create both simple and detailed full colour designs that provide durable, quality printed products. It comes in a roll or sheet form with an tacky adhesive backing so it can be cut, weeded, and placed onto the garment ready for application. Heat transfer vinyl is made in single colour but can also be digitally printed to offer vibrant, colourful designs. The team at Crafty Print are experienced in providing HTV and also provide special options such as patterned, glitter, flocked, holographic, glow-in-the-dark, reflective and 3D puff which make fantastic promotional products for festival t-shirts, promotional products or hen / stag party t-shirts.

​Heat transfer vinyl is used on products like personalised t shirts, printed hats, bag packs, tote bags, jerseys, and headbands. Printing garments via heat transfer vinyl must be used on products that can take the heat and pressure necessary to transfer the vinyl onto the substrate. Each heat transfer vinyl manufacturer will list what products can be used for each type of vinyl.


Fabrics such as cotton, cotton/polyester blends, polyester, and canvas work well with heat transfer vinyl. There are types of vinyl that can also be used with nylon and leather. However, products such as paper and plastics and fleecy fabrics do not work well because they cannot take the heat required to adhere the vinyl to the substrate. It is very important to make sure the correct vinyl type is used with the correct substrate.

Certain heat transfer vinyl can be layered to form multi-colored designs. The more layers involved, the harder it is to match up each to achieve the end result. Heat transfer vinyl cannot be used for full-color pictures or anything with gradients. There are other applications for those options.

HTV is a great solution for sharp printed designs and can also be combined with embroidery, one of our most popular options our customers select is to opt for a front embroidered chest logo and a large rear transfer print.  

Screen T-Shirt Printing :

Screen printing is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil opening creates the space through which the ink will go to create the design and onto the garment.


The ink is then repeatedly pushed over the mesh and pulled by a fill blade or squeegee until enough ink has transferred through onto the garment to provide a printed t-shirt. As the blade is pulled, the ink is pushed through the mesh, onto the garment. With screen printing, only one color can be applied at a time however, multi layered screens can be used to provide detailed, vibrant and colourful designs. 

The number of colours on a t-shirt is limited, and each color requires more time, another screen and stencil, and ultimately, more money which is why the set up costs for screen printing can often be expensive for short print runs. Screen printing is a good choice for simple designs with one solid colour and when you’re making many t-shirts of the same design at a time (eg. for a sports team, charity events summer camp, or sports events) then screen printing becomes cost effective for large print runs over 50 garments. ​

To order your printed garments with crafty print today, visit our online catalogue and upload your text / designs to one of the many products we stock. For all other print and embroidery queries, please contact a member of our team today and we'll be happy to help. 

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